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Little Us is a modern Hard Rock band from Connecticut. The band formed of highschool boys with big time dreams back in 2013 which included founder Rithya Claude and members Alex Pearson and Ethan Johnson. Their music is a melodic rock saturated with influences to classic rock. From 2016-2017 the band went on a short hiatus to then reboot during late 2017 with a new and fresh inspiration. The heart of this inspiration is to touch lives using music written with emotion and a positive message. Specifically, the purpose of the latest EP is to help people that are going through the struggles of coping with depression, suicide, and eventually acceptance. After adding Kallen Colbert to the roster, the band began to reach new heights! Their impact began to significantly resonate in the states of Pennsylvania and Colorado and grew like wildfire… Playing sold out shows at the Webster and Toad’s Place, releasing two music videos, and framing a tour of the east coast is just the beginning. A very distinct sound, that blends influences of modern Alternative Rock with a nostalgic 80’s classic rock essence. Our sound resembles a mix of artists such as Hands Like Houses, Picturesque, Too Close To Touch, Sleeping With Sirens, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Issues, Journey, and Def Leppard.

Band Members: Ethan Johnson, Rithya Claude, Alex Pearson, Kallen Colbert

Influences: Hands Like Houses, Our Last Night, Picturesque, Too Close To Touch, Sleeping With Sirens, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Issues, Half Hearted, Journey, and Def Leppard.

Eathen Johnson

Ethan Johnson joined the band in its early days back in 2012. He has been involved in music since 3 years of age, picking up piano at the age of 5. Ethan has learned to play a dozen instruments, but piano is his main. Known for his dedication and will to practice (as well as loving lemons). After moving to Colorado, Ethan’s devotion and loyalty to his friends and bandmates means he flies out for shows and uses Facetime to stay present.

Born in 1998.

Rithya Claude

Rithya Claude began playing guitar at age 6 and took up other instruments such as drums, bass, piano, and flute along the way. He started Little Us back in 2012 when he asked Alex Pearson (current guitarist) to join. His influences include bands such as Def Leppard, Journey, Picturesque, Too Close to Touch, and Sleeping With Sirens. He is also inspired by guitar players such as Steve Clark, John Pertucci, Vito Bratta, and Eddie Van Halen.

Born in 1998.

Alex Pearson

Alex Pearson. is also known as Slade, Golden Baby Drywall, Flex, and more. Known for his big mouth and even bigger heart. Besides his hair his best traits are his invention ideas and his loyal friendship. An original member of Little Us, guitarist and vocalist (and harmonica for a day) since 2012. Some influencers and favorites include Phil Collin, Neal Schon and Dj Ashba. Fun Fact: He was taught how to play guitar by bandmate Rithya Claude.

Born in 1998.

Kallen Colbert

Kallen Colbert joined Little Us in February 2019. As the newest recruit in Little Us, he has quickly fit right in. Kallen’s dedication to music, has seen him grow exponentially since first picking up drums in 2014. He is smart, funny, and has been a welcome addition to the band. Kallen has a background in jazz and classic rock.

Born in 2003.

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